EFFAA'S Irrigation Water Testing Kits can be used to quickly test 12 major parameters in irrigation water. It contains everything required to test water at field level. It comes with instruction manual containing easy step-by-step testing procedures that are simple enough for the layman to carry out.

All experts agree that the irrigation water sample should be analyzed as soon as the sample is drawn, preferably on the same day because the physical, chemical and bacteriological changes that take place with time can give misleading analytical results, which may not be representative of the water at site. Presently, Water Testing Laboratories are mostly located in big cities, quite away from farmers. Hence, it takes one or two days for farmers to take the water sample to the distant laboratory for analysis. Depending on the other priorities in the laboratories, if analysis is delayed for few days, the whole purpose of analysis is defeated. Testing of Irrigation water at site immediately with the help of "Effaa's Irrigation Water Testing Kit" therefore, becomes very important. Following parameters of Irrigation water can be analyzed using the Kit.

Sr. No. Parameter
1 PH
2 Calcium
3 Magnesium
4 Carbonates
5 Bicarbonates
6 Chlorides
7 Sulphate
8 Sodium(by calculation)
10 RSC
11 Ca/Mg Ratio
12 E.C. (Total Salts)

No. of Water Samples tested with Kit –100

Benefits of EFFAA'S Irrigation Water Testing Kit

  • You can test the water yourself at the farm .
  • Testing procedures (given in English) are very easy.
  • No training required.
  • Time and trouble involved in sending sample to laboratory is saved.
  • Test report is available on the spot, immediately.
  • Economical per sample cost. Also saves cost of sending sample to laboratory.