Effaa offers Industry Aligned M. Tech Program for Colleges & Universities in association with industry leaders. In the early 90's , Information Technology related businesses flourished in modern India growing in leaps and bounds, India's young English speaking population was the RIGHT mix needed for the IT industry . Hiring large numbers of resources was a CRITICAL FUNCTION in every IT firm. Traditionally, the M.Tech core curriculum across various universities designed once, has not been changed. The Core curriculum while being an excellent launch pad for students, leaves a large Gap when the engineers have to be assigned to billable (revenue earning) projects in the industry . To bridge this gap many interventions have been initiated by the academia and the Industry such as finishing schools, boot camps, electives etc. Effaa in association with brings to you a futuristic framework to address this GAP through a well-structured model along with Industry Partners, global IT Leaders. In a tripartite agreement executed with Industry partner and Universities where, the Industry partner defines the industry Needs (specializations viz. cloud computing , Mainframe, analytics etc) , University develops the teaching curriculum and Effaa along with partner provides the platform, Infrastructure & logistics support , governance in addition to high availability of SYSTEMS ensuring SMOOTH execution.

With key inputs coming in from industry, the courses have been made more relevant, applicable and current to the knowledge requirements of the industry. Beside regular class room sessions, education is imparted through a well-designed online learning platform. With the support of various components available on the platform, it provides knowledge and experiences on various industry aligned available courseware, helps in developing applications on an Open Source platform, refreshes the knowledge on the latest development in technology, clarifies doubts on discussion forums, connects to the community for support and interaction, and recognizes meritocracy.

The aim is to make education relevant to the needs of the industry and provide a rich learning ecosystem to students by bringing together faculty, industry professionals and peers. Thus the knowledge imparted to the students enhances their employment prospects Along with Industry Partner, we have developed detailed curriculum and course content that runs parallel with the other credit courses commencing in the First Semester itself assuring that the student learn the technologies along with other subjects at appropriate skill levels.

At present, we offer :

M. Tech. in Computer Science with specialization on Cloud Computing & Virtualization
M. Tech. in Computer Science with specialization on Business Analytics
M. Tech. in Computer Science with specialization on IT Security
M. Tech. in Computer Science with specialization on Mobility

We through our associates train the teachers in the trainer programs, bring in Subject Matter Experts to interact with the students, provide appropriate Learning materials and enable learning through on-line platform and more.

Salient Feature of the M Tech Program:

  1. Delivery Process: Delivery Model consists of Face to face Class room lectures, learning by online platform, Projects supported by hand-holding and Guest Lectures by Industry Experts. The Class room lectures will be delivered by University faculty, trained by our associates.
  2. Effaa & its partners provide:
    • Industry Oriented Courses in the Area of:
      -Cloud Computing
      - Business Analytics
      - Mobility
      - Cyber Security
    • Course Design with detailed Curriculum. The Course Content and other Learning materials like Session Plan, Sample Assignments, Quiz, Sample Class Notes etc. are included.
    • Effaa & its partners provide 'Training' of Teachers by Industry Professionals.
    • Effaa & its partners will assist the University in setting up the Lab. The Lab is connected to industry leader's Main server to access the required tools for the conducting the Course .
    • Effaa & its partners will assist the University in setting up the Lab. The Lab is connected to industry leader's Main server to access the required tools for the conducting the Course .
    • Effaa's partners will provide 'Customized Project Scenario' to acquire Hands-on experience by the Students. Effaa & its partners will also hand-hold the students in the Projects
    • Effaa & its partners will conduct Guest Lectures / Webinars / Seminars by the Industry Experts
  3. Duration : In total there will be 10 courses spread over 4 semesters of M. Tech. of which 6 Theory Courses and 4 Theory course with Lab. The Theory courses are of 28 to 42 hours of duration. The theory courses with Lab are 42 hours theory and 28 hours of lab. These courses are itegrated by the Universities into the existing M. Tech. courses either by replacing some or by addition.
  4. Certification: The M. Tech degree will awarded by the University. Industry leader will provide additional Course Completion Certificate of the Specialization
  5. Placement : Effaa & its partners will treat the University / Institute as the preferred Recruitment destination for the M. Tech. students specializing in the above area
  6. Benefits to the University:
    • Student exposure to Industry aligned Courses
    • Access to World Class Lab/Tools by students
    • Enhanced Placements
    • Long term Brand Association with Global IT giants.
  7. Benefits to Effaa & its partners:
    • Captive Human resources of high quality.
    • Better and quicker job fitment in the expanding area of
      • Cloud Computing
      • Business Analytics
      • Mobility
      • Cyber Security
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