Industrial Training & Skill Development Programmes:

Welcome to our Industrial Training and Skill Development division. With years of experience in manufacturing across various sectors and providing quality industrial vocational course training, engineering, medical and para medical degrees we offer the necessary course material and staff to conduct the required courses in your institute and supply all the necessary ITI Tools for all trades of Industrial and paramedical Training. Our courses are now serving numerous customers across India. We can supply CNC and lathe machines for training as well.

Our services include design of the entire set up to establish a college to provide different kinds of skill development courses.

In additon to the above courses we can also train individuals to be Fitters, Electricians, Welders, Wiremen, Turners, Machinist, Diesel Mechanics, Plumbers, Surveyors, Motor Mechanics, Draughtsmen - Civil, Draughtsmen - Mechanical, Electronic Mechanics, COPA and MES Trades.

We do custom development of machine and tools as per your requirement if you already have a course. If you want a machine as per your requirement we can have that manufactured as well.

Some of the important trades have been mentioned along with the common tools that are used.

For fitter - Calipers, drills and lathe machines.
For Electricians - Screwdrivers, center punches, generators, voltmeters and oscilloscopes.
For Wiremen – Piers, ratchet, forge, wall jumper (octagonal), ratchet and screw drivers.
For Plumbers - Bench drilling machines, working benches, forge blower, anvil, mandrel and tap and die set.
For Welders - Welding tools

Our service includes a wide range of areas right from creating a website, optimising search results, computer system to generate online applications for new entrants to ground level norms, course content supply, staff supply, tools and machines procurement, installation and handling. A sample of our services are listed below

  • Skills development college physical layout planning and building guidance
  • Designing of website as per the norms in the country of origin
  • Buying books and learning material for the Skills College as per norms of African Educational Board or desinging custom course
  • Guidance for marketing and admission planning
  • Supporting you in establishing a management centre.
  • Doing site visits and solving real time issues.

Why choose us:

  • Decades of experience in ruuning educational institutions successfully
  • Have presence at various locations
  • Offer both onsite and telephonic support after setting up of college
  • We do not merely preach a text book model. Ours is a practical, industry oriented model that will be make our students take up industrial jobs or self employment with very less orientation from the new environment.
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