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In today's modern world various health hazards affecting mankind are on the rise. Incidence of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems, arthritis, joint & back pains, irregular menstrual cycles, sufferance in mobility, longevity reduction due to decreased respiration are on the rise.

To overcome the serious adverse effects of various health hazards, Effaa after years of research & clinical trials through its Research & Development Department controlled and monitored by a Professional Experts Team comprising of Doctors of Modern and Indian Medicines, Bio-technologists, Phytochemists,.....

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Effaa's R&D efficiency plays a vital role for its complete business operations, as it offers a sustainable, long-term and competitive benefit to the organization. Our strong R&D facilities are contemplated and designed for both drug discovery and development. In addition to it, there are number of scientists, who are engaged in several path-breaking researches.

Effaa understands the significance of productive Research & Development. It invests a huge part of its total revenue on its R&D efficiencies. With time Effaa has emerged as a multi-disciplinary R&D center in India. The firm has high-tech laboratory and micro-labs together with all updated equipment for generic as well as creative research.

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