Core Values:

We focus on realizing the following values while upholding the highest ethical standards.


We believe in honesty, freedom and fairness in all our dealings.

Integrity & Teamwork

To be known for unquestionable integrity and well coordinated teamwork, we build strong borderless teams through fairness and by promoting shared goals.


We work towards meeting our responsibility to stakeholders on a daily basis.


Our core value also include accountability for its actions, transparency and insight in the working of the organization.


Our drive comes from perseverance and a strong desire to contribute to patients.


We implement bold initiatives on a daily basis.

All round development

We aim for all round development i.e. personal ability, creativity and intellectual growth opportunities.


To deliver the best quality in promised time and ensure value addition by world class quality and unmatched services.


We respect and include a broad range of people and ideas in our daily operations.

Corporate Philiosophy

Our corporate philosophy is the distinctively different way of thinking that has evolved through our company's history. As well as encapsulating Effaa's corporate philosophy, mission and vision for the future, it reflects the values that all of us share in India and worldwide. Ever since the company philosophy was first articulated our approach has been rooted in a powerful sense of social responsibility because of the public nature of the business it pursues.We commit to producing medicines with integrity that embodies a spirit of bold, confident innovation underpinned by passion and meticulous implementation: As the bedrock of a culture that underpins the organisation worldwide, these guiding principles inform all the activities of Effaa in India and across the globe.