EFFAA's biofuel division comprises of a variety of fuels that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation, such as plants. These fuels are produced from living organisms. This type of carbon fixation occur in plants and microalgae. We make these fuels by converting biomass into convenient energy containing substances in three different ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion and biochemical conversion. Our biomass conversion results in fuel in solid, liquid or gaseous form. Biofuels have increased in popularity because of rising oil prices and the need for energy security. Our technology follows a Zero Emissions & Zero discharge based system for converting Organic Wastes viz. Biomass from Cactus, Sugar Mill Pressmud, Spent Wash, Animal Manures, Kitchen Wastes & Food Wastes, Dairy Product Processing Wastes, Agro Farming & Processing Wastes and Deprotonised Juice & Cake from Grass into Bio CNG – Compressed Biomethane, Bio Ethanol, Bottled CO2 and Liquid & Solid Organic Biofertlisers. Our range of Biomass Pellets( Soild Fuels )produced using a unique compression technique find application in all sectors as a partial replacement for fossil fuels

Effaa is a leader in the development of new technologies for the production of biofuels and chemical bioproducts and the sustainability of raw materials, dedicating a large quantity of resources into research work. In addition, its trading division positions it as a service provider of global solutions, with a large capacity for marketing and commodity management, always relying on its global production capacity and on the supply of raw materials and effective operations, basic principles that provide reliability and critical mass, key aspects for an optimal development of the activity.

The combination of international marketing and cellulosic biological technology capabilities of Effaa, with agricultural, production and local marketing capacities gives rise to very important synergies that allow us to achieve significant growth in the global bio fuel market and having the technology that will allow us to obtain lower costs per kg / litre of bio fuel.

Effaa contributes to sustainable development by placing on the market fuel compounds obtained from renewable resources (biofuels) and through the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies that favor the net reduction of contaminating emissions for their use in vehicles for public and private transport, power generation plants, industries and homes.

We develop innovative technological solutions through continuous investment in R & D. These solutions are incorporated in the production processes to lower production costs inorder to match with that of traditional fossil fuels and diversify into new chemical bioproducts. We keep our commitment with our shareholders to create value and contribute to the personal and professional development of our employees through continuous training and the establishment and monitoring of individual training programmes. We creates new opportunities for sustainable rural development, encouraging energy crops and the creation of agro-industries, thus contributing to maintaining levels of work and income in the rural environment.

Bio Gas, Bio - Methane, Biomass pellets, Bio -ethanol and Bio - diesel are sources of renewable and clean energy that, for some time, have been reliably and credibly replacing gasoline and diesel oil in vehicle engines, coal in industries and contribute to the safety and diversification of energy supply. Their use in a pure state or in mixtures with fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions, hinders the progress of climate change and reduces the emission of contaminating agents into the atmosphere.

The company's activities can be included under six large areas:

  • Growing and collection of agricultural raw materials
  • Bio fuels Production
  • Bio Fertilizer and CO2 Production
  • Marketing and distribution of bio - fuels and allied products
  • New Technology Development