Liquid Fuel

Most transportation fuels are liquids as vehicles usually require high energy density and our Bio-Ethanol serves as an apt product for this application. Bio ethanol serves as an efficient fuel that can be used by Internal Combustion Engines and meets the requirement of being both energy-dense and clean-burning. Bioethanol is a form of quasi-renewable energy that can be produced from different types of agricultural feedstocks. It can be made from very common crops such as sugar cane, potato, cassava and corn , apart from Effaa grass and Effaa Cactus. Effaa's Bio-Ethanol can be used in petrol engines as a replacement for gasoline or mixed with gasoline to any percentage. Most existing car petrol engines can run on blends of up to 15% bioethanol combined with petroleum / gasoline. Bio-Ethanol has a lesser energy density than that of gasoline making it very efficient. Our Bio Ethanol is produced using a unique technology from :

  • EFFAA Cactus
  • EFFAA Grass

EFFAA Cactus

The beauty of EFFAA Cactus is that it is very hardy, drought-resistant, tolerates surprising bouts of cold and hot weather and can be grown on veritable desert-like wastelands where conventional crops would wither and die. EFFAA Cactus is a special type of Cactus with ability to produce a large amount of biomass and eventually more bio fuel per acre of land in comaprison to other crops like sugarcane and corn.


EFFAA Grass is a genetically selected natural Hybrid Grass.It is grown with in-house & associated expertise based growing Bio protocols to get the required quality & quantity of Biomass.It can be grown in Marginal Light Loamy Sandy Land with good Sunshine and Warm Weather and a minimum rainfall of 1000mm or equivalent of irrigation. Our system incorporates the best farm mechanisation methods coupled with Micro Drip Irrigation technology. Effaa Grass Protein Concentrate contains valuable Amino – Acids and rich in Omega – 3 Fatty Acids. It also contains natural synergy of vitamins (B,E,K), Minerals (Ca,Fe,Mg), Carotenoids, Xanthophyll – Lutein, Chlorophyll, Thiamine, Tocopherols, etc.

This Protein is similar to Egg White & Dairy Protein. It is of great value as Food Supplement for Humans and as well as for Feed apart from being used the primary feed for our Bio Ethanol Production. Effaa Grass Protein Concentrate also finds use as Protein ingredient in Biscuits, Breads, Chocolates, Noodles, Snacks, Smoothies, Crackers, etc.Effaa Grass yields about 120-200 Tons/ Acre/Year making it the ideal raw material for our Bio Ethanol Production. Effaa Grass in its fresh form is suitable for production of Bio Ethanol, Protein Concentrates, Biogas, Lactic Acid, Liquid & Solid Bio - fertilizers and Protein Concentrates.Yield of Biogas per Ton of Fresh Effaa Grass is 125 Cubic Meter. 90% of Effaa Grass Dry matter can be transformed into Biogas & the remaining 10% is turned as Organic Sediment & discharged along with liquid effluent – nitrogen water.

The Nitrogen Water is then converted as Liquid Organic Bio - fertilizer with certain Organic Additives. The organic sediment is also converted as Organic Compost Bio - fertilizer with certain Organic Additives. Liquid & Solid Organic Bio - fertilisers are an excellent Ecological Bioinput for enhancing Soil Fertility, plant protection & premium quality nutritional crop yields. Raw Biogas is used for generating Bioelectricity with Bioheat. For our CBG-Biomethane production, raw Biogas is cleaned and upgraded to Biomethane. Then, it is compressed & bottled in cylinders for use as a clean fuel for replacing LPG in Institutional Cooking, Industrial Thermal & Vehicles applications with a Fuel cost savings of 30%. Our biomethane can be transformed to Biomethanol - Biopetrol, Biodiesel & Jet Fuel.

CO2 emissions from the Cleaning Process of our Biogas is bottled in cylinders for Industrial Applications. CBG - Effaa's Biomethane is a sustainable source of renewable energy which is highly cost effective compared to LPG. Calorific Value is similar to that of CNG & LPG. It is also Carbon Neutral & eligible for Carbon Credit. Effaa Grass is the World's inexpensive earth friendly high yielding marginal land - light loamy, sandy soil based greenest feedstock which is the need of the hour to provide large quantities of Biomass in a sustainable manner with consistent quality at low cost combined with efficient use of Land .With a dedicated marginal land - light loamy, sandy land crop like Effaa Grass, it is possible to obtain a reliable long term sustainable source of feedstock at a known & affordable cost.