About Us

Improving Agriculture ... Improves Lives is our strong belief because only when farmers prosper.... the world prospers . Unfolding to the world is the epic of World Agricultural Revolution brought to all farmers by Effaa.

Effaa's Agricultural Division was established to meet a growing demand for sustainable and profitable programmes to improve soil health & productivity, crop protection & productivity and produce value added agro products. Through Effaa's HSFS – High Tech Integrated Farming System, we offer a complete range of tailor-made crop productivity increase solutions for the agricultural and horticultural sectors apart from supply of farm mechanisation equipments, irrigation systems, seeds and saplings, value added products manufacturing technology transfer, post harvest handling methods etc . Our services include full onsite assessments combined with sophisticated delivery, application and traceability systems. We work with farmers to develop a comprehensive farm plan that meets their budget in order to see results in the shortest span of time. Effaa is a leader in the field of supplying sustainable and profitable crop productivity increase and fertiliser management programmes to farmers world wide. Our innovation is second to none with our unique engineering solutions for the milling, mixing, storage, transport and application of our tailor made fertiliser treatments. We have also developed a comprehensive web based computer delivery system to provide our large clients with 24 hour access to all information regarding their farm plans, which provides full traceability."

Our Main Purpose is

  • To play a leading role in improving World Agriculture through the delivery of effecive soil and plant management solution, thus revitalizing soil and plant ecosystems to significantly lift farm productivity, profitability and sustainability.
  • To improve the quality of food produced from farms, through increased nutritional density, production integrity and traceability and ultimately make it available to all consumers.

"High Tech Scientific Farming System advocated by us is a 'best of both worlds' mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soil to ensure production is of high quality."

What we believe;

  • We have an obligation to assist farmers in bringing their land back to good health.
  • The principles of High Tech Integrated Scientific Farming System (HSFS ), i.e. a combination of conventional and organic land management practices, are real and proven. By following these principles we believe;
  • We can regenerate microbial life in most soils and bring mineral levels into a balanced state, both of which are ideal for beneficial plant and soil life to thrive and multiply.
  • Through this process our soil and pastures becomes naturally weeds free and pest resistant (reducing the need synthetic pesticides) over a period of time.
  • A revitalized, balanced and vibrant 'soil and plant' ecosystem requires significantly lower quantities of synthetic fertilisers to be maintained.
  • Maintaining these ecosystems is not only more profitable but more sustainable on an environmental basis (particularly from reduced nutrient runoff or leaching into our water systems).
  • Plant's actually develop deeper broader root systems in these balanced soil environments and consequently become significantly less prone to drought.
  • Effaa's HSFS simply produces more from less than those conventionally managed.
  • Foods produced suing Effaa's HSFS systems are more nutritionally dense than those grown by conventional or organic systems alone and they taste better.
  • Animals fed using Effaa's HSFS managed farms are bigger, have better birth rates and are healthier and requie less veterinary care…. all of which improve farm profits.
  • Through these beliefs we are motivated to make a real difference in people's lives including farmers & consumers as well.

We at Effaa feel that farmers as food producers have a tremendous opportunity moving forward and have the opportunity to lead the world in adopting more sustainable farming practices. We have a ten year plan that will see Effaa as the leading world wide partner for farmers wanting to bring their farms back to life as we strongly believe that improving agriculture, improves lives.

Effaa's high standing as a reliable and competitive supplier of top quality agro inputs owes much to the fact that the company has Asia as its home market, in addition to being amongst the most intensive users of fertilizers and crop productivity enhancement products in the developing world today. Asian farmers are renowned for their discerning and innovative attitude towards fertilizer and crop protection products usage with emphasis on service, cost, efficiency & safety.

With such knowledgeable and critical customers, Effaa is always adaptable to the changing agricultural practises in terms of technology, marketing and packaging in order to maintain its place in the market. Operating in such an environment has enabled Effaa to accrue a wealth of sound agronomic, technical & marketing knowledge in the field of agricultural that are invaluable to its customers. Both Asian and international customers have reaped the benefit of the company's accumulated expertise.

This is well supported by our field support staff and R&D offering technical support and training to farmers for better yields and increased productivity. We have set ourselves and are focusing on market share growth in all our business lines and as a result have deliberately expanded presence in rural areas through a network of rural agro-dealers so as to ensure fertilizers and other agro inputs are readily available in proximity to the rural community.

Our range of bio - inputs are biologically derived ecological bio - inputs catering to the needs of soil & crop for enhancing premium quality crop yield by maintaining natural fertility of the soil, by minimizing diseases and / or pest attacks to the crop. The application of Effaa's bio - inputs first commences with the soil and then followed up with foliar spray on the crop. The philosophy of our inputs is to energise soil and crop for enhanced productivity by acting as a Humus Builder, Growth Promoter, Growth Regulator & Health Protector. They are produced in various categories namely Bio - fertilizers, Bio - controllers, Bio - pesticides & Natural plant based Growth Enhancers, Fungicides & Pesticides for feeding the soil and as well as catering to the Crop in each stage right from germination of the seed and to ripening & fruiting.

Upon application of Effaa's Bioinputs :

  • The soil is energised and the rejuvenated soil increases microbial metabolism & releases tied up nutrients.
  • The plant quickly absorbs all active ingredients leading to formation of vital DNA & RNA.
  • The root system of the plant strengthens vigorously for giving the plant better access to nutrient supplies.
  • The cell activities of the plant is enhanced within the plant, maximising the growth from germination to ripening, resulting in healthy plants that resist pests & diseases and produce premium quality increased farm produce.

Benefits of Effaa's Range of Bio-inputs :

  • Increases premium quality and crop yields
  • Restores & maintains soil's natural fertility
  • Guaranteed uniform plant growth & maturity
  • Chemical residue free farm produce
  • Increases resistance to drought, frost & disease
  • Enhances cell activities from germination to ripening
  • Increases the taste, flavour & shelf life of the produce
  • Reduces the usage of Chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Effaa's Bio-inputs include – Bio - fertilizers, Bio - Controllers and Bio – Pesticides in both liquid and solid forms apart from Amino Acid and Micro Nutrient Combinations, Organic Manure Combinations, Bio - NPK etc. Our portfolio also comprises of soil testing kits, seeds and seedling supply, inorganic fertilizers, farm equipments and micro drip irrigation systems.

Effaa's Farm Equipments division aims to be a force to to reckon with with focus on design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery. Effaa supports more productive farming through a full line of farm equipments that include tractors, combines, hay tools, sprayers, forage equipment, tillage, implements, grain storage as well as related replacement parts. Our diverse product line, global reach and technological solutions help our customers not only survive today's changing landscape, but to also prosper in today's competetive world.