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Effaa over the years with its team of scientists, agronomists and bio technologists has developed a comprehensive integrated farm ...

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Improving Agriculture ... Improves Lives is our strong belief because only when farmers prosper....


Benefits of Effaa's Range of Bioinputs

Effaa's products energise the soil & crop for enhanced productivity. Our range of Bioinputs act as a Humus Builder, Growth Promotor, Growth Regulator, Health Protector and is produced in various categories viz: Biofrtilizers, Biocontrollers, Biopesticides & Natural plant based Growth enhancers, Fungicides & Pesticides for feeding the Soil and as well as catering to the Crop in each stage right from germination of the seed and to ripening & fruiting.

  • Increases premium quality and crop yields
  • Restores & maintains soil's natural fertility
  • Guaranteed uniform plant growth & maturity
  • Chemical residue free farm produce
  • Resistance to drought, frost & disease
  • Enhances cell activities from germination
  • The taste, flavor & shelf life of the produce
  • Reduces the usage of Chemical fertlizers


Agro Products

solutions for high yield agriculture

Agro value Products

solutions for high yield agriculture