Fertile soil is essential for good crop growth. And such soil is the result of microbial activity that releases essential vitamins and minerals for plants to grow. Over the years, the soil has slowly been deprived of its naturally present nutrients. The over-usage of chemical fertilizers on soil has led to an imbalance in its structure making it barren. It is this serious soil degradation that has led our company to come up with a natural, miracle vitamin for your soil called Effaa's Humi Grow.

Effaa's Humi Grow is prepared from a unique ingredient called Humic acid which abounds in naturally decomposed plant and animal matter dating back to many thousands of years. Humic acid is also found in Leonardite which is associated with lignite. The Soft, earthy brown Leonardite compounds possess bio-chemically active form of Humic acid. And it is through this Leonardite, that Effaa's Humi Grow is manufactured.


It is not without a reason that we call this vitamin for your land and soil magical, Here's why Effaa's Humi Grow could make a real difference to your cultivation practices and yield.

  • Improves Soil Structure

    Effaa's Humi Grow revives your soil. The Humic acid in our product has traces of calcium and iron that form chelated compounds. Chelate complexes regulate the bio-availability of metal ions which in turn provide essential vitamins and minerals to your soil.

  • Benefits all crops

    Effaa Humi Grow is not specific. It can be used on all types of crops. It is 100% natural and contains 7-9 % of potassium, which is a vital nutrient for plants to grow well. It increases the yield by 20-40%.

  • Nutrition-rich diet for your soil

    Effaa's Humi Grow plays a crucial role in the ability of plants to take up nutrients. It frees up otherwise unavailable nutrients for the use of the plants. It separates aluminum and phosphorous molecules making the vital phosphorous available to the plant. Fertile Soil, Every time.

Use on all soil types

When used on clay, Effaa's Humi Grow breaks down the compounds in the soil and enhances water penetration aiding in good root growth. When used on sandy soil, it adds essential organic material for water retention improving the availability of nutrients.

Effaa's Humi Grow increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of your soil. CEC is the measure of your soil's fertility and nutrition retention ability. Effaa Humi Grow increases the CEC of your soil.

100% Natural Manure – Substitute for costly bulk manure

Farmyard manure or green bio mass is traditionally applied to soil to improve its fertility. This manure decomposes slowly and the end product is Humic Acid. Additionally it has 7-9% of potassium, which is a vital nutrient for plants to grow well. It increases the yield by 20-40%.

One litre of Effaa's Humi Grow = Four tons of non fortified traditional manure.

Irrigation method now a days

Now a days drip irrigation is more common requiring liquid fertilizers, accordingly, Effaa's Humi Grow is available as 100% Natural Liquid fertilizer. It can be applied easily and without any risk in Drip Irrigation method for all crops.

Usage :

Soil Application: Mix 7-8 Litres of Effaa's Humi Grow in 250 liters of water per acre and spray till the upper layer of the soil are wet.

Foliar Application: Mix 5 ml Effaa's Humi grow mix in 1 Liter water and spray till all the leaves are wet.

Drip Irrigation: Mix 10 ml Effaa's Humi Grow in 1 Liter water and apply in drip irrigation for all crops. ( If Effaa's Humi Grow is used in drip irrigation, soil application is not required. )

Root Application: Mix 100 ml Effaa's Humi Grow in 2 litre of water and apply to the tree root portion. (Coconut, Rubber, Mango, Lemon, Orange, Arecanut and for all other trees -can apply thrice a year).

Seed Application: Mix 100 ml Effaa's Humi Grow in 4 liter of water and add 1 kg of seed. Spread and dry in cool place before arranging for sowing.


TestCrop Highest yield achieved on using Humic acid(Kg/ha) % increase over control Achieved Inc. Qty K or Ton/ha
Sugarcane 138 t/ha 34 35
Rice 6808 24 1308
Groundnut 1967 48.5 642
Black gram 985 33 245
Green gram 1496 41.5 438

Effaa's Humi grow is suitable for all crops since it improves the fertility of the soil. Effaa's Humi Grow contains phosphate that increases yields of "Potash living" crops such as anana, etc. Trials with Banana show that the yield could increase by 25% and additionally the fruits treated with Effaa' Humi Grow have better taste.


  • Greatly enhances soil microbial activity
  • Improves ability of plants to uptake nutrients
  • Markedly increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Converts nutrients in the soil for easier absorption in plants
  • Improves soil structure
  • Loosens up clay soil
  • Adds biomass to loose soil to retain water and nutrients
  • Converts nutrients into bio available form
  • Increases yield by 20-40 %
  • Reduces usage of bulk manure
  • Reduces cost of bulk manure transport and application