EFFAA is providing our valued clients with Effaa's Dry Yeast Powder. These compounds contain essential minerals, amino acids and multiple vitamins that provide complete nutrition during the growth of animals. The powder is generally fed to chicken and cattle to increases muscle & tissue growth and enhance fertility. This also improves the immunity of the animals against flues and diseases. Furthermore, our team of quality controllers test the Effaa's Dry Yeast Powder to ensure the well-being of the animals. 


Effaa's yeast extracts are biological source of essential & non essential amino acid, Vitamin and unsaturated fatty acid and others compositions can be absorbed and used directly by animals and these compositions can supply enough nutrition for body metabolism. Polysaccharide, nucleotide acid and active enzyme which are rich in yeast cell stimulate animal immune organs to growth, activate lymphocytes, improve the level of immunoglobulin and antibody, enhance cell immunity and humeral immunity function, improve herd immunity. So that it can promote animal to growth and reduce stress reaction.

We offer :

  •  Effaa's Dry Yeast Powder
  • Effaa's Yeast Extract Powder

Effaa's Dry Yeast Powder :

  • Improve calf disease resistance and immunity, decrease calf disease;
  • Increase beef cattle feed intake, promote growth,
  • Improve daily weight gain;
  • Improve milk yield of cow and milk goat, improve milk quality, prolong milking peak period;
  • Better feed utilization for positive response in weaned pigs in transition to solid diets.
  • Shows good viability when subjected to temperatures of pelletizing.
  • Excellent source of biological proteins & vitamins.

Effaa's Yeast Extract Powder

  • It is a kind of dissoluble nutrient functional additives which can be absorbed directly by animals. We take fresh edible yeast as raw material. Biodegradation to protein and nucleic acid, etc in yeast cell, then be extracted out together with other effective components, such as Vitamins B, glutathione and trace elements through international advanced biotechnology and enzyme engineering.
  • Promote the growth of animals; improve animal immunity, disease resistance and anti-stress capability.
  • Improve animal feed intake and feed conversion;
  • Improve animal reproductive ability and increase young animal survival rate;
  • Improve meat color, quality and holding water rate; extend shelf life;
  • Improve capacity of animal immunity, disease resistance ability and anti-stress capability
  • Improve qualification rate of breeding eggs and hatching rate.
  • Improve carcass quality of broilers and feather quality.