Research & Development

Our R & D activities are responsible for introduction of many innovative products and process implementation for yield increase. They encourage greater use, demonstrating and working with farmers to show them how hybrid seeds, fertilizers, bio – nutrients, micro irrigation systems and agro-chemicals use can increase their profitability & long term sustainability. Several experimental trials are carried out by our team right upto commercialization of new agro-inputs.

Scope of work of our R & D team are :

  • New Product Development
  • Innovative Farm Process Implementation
  • Offering technical advisory services
  • On site demonstration trials
  • Farmer training on use of yield increase technology , hybrid seeds, fertilizers & manure, crop protection products, soil testing, micro irrigation systems and safety in agro chemicals use
  • Training of distribution channel members & stockists
  • Registration of all our products to meet regulations requirements and ensure good & innovative products are sold to build customer confidence and loyalty
  • Soil test result analysis and recommendations on application of fertilizers and crop protection products.
  • Working in partnership with other organizations and world renowned universities for nwe product development and innovation, protect user and environment, create trust by demonstrating effectiveness of our products, build relationships and secure customer base.

Our R&D division is pivotal to the technical advice given to farmers to ensure increase in agricultural productivity and stimulate farmer adoption of new agro products, fertilizers and crop protection inputs in our quest to uphold the current market leadership position into the future.


Effaa is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its employees‚ assets‚ environment‚ customers‚ neighbours and its reputation. The establishment and maintenance of a good corporate image depends upon every single employee having a strong sense of belonging to the organisation, adding value to the organisation & behaving appropriately. Practices that result in occupational accidents‚ hazards or pollution are a threat to the company's very existence and should be systematically eliminated by means of comprehensive strategies‚ interventions and awareness programmes.

Though all our products are safe & environment friendly bio inputs, a thrust for maintaining a healthy workplace and environment free from any condition that may injure persons, cause poor health or damage, cause spillage or pollute the environment is carefully taken take by this department of our that deals with environmental issues‚ safety and health issues of our workers and the community at large.

Global Food Crisis

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates the number of chronically undernourished people is 840 million in 2012- 2014. Relatively higher food prices currently observed are likely to further hamper the purchasing power and nutritional status of low-income populations in years to come.

Due the ongoing food-supply crises, food security has become a priority on the multi-lateral policy agenda for many world governments. In the current context, governments responsible for ensuring food distribution are establishing firm measures to boost economic recovery, reduce public debt and create well-functioning financial markets. All our products and technology sail in tandem with the world requirements to ensure food safety and implementation of practices to improve per acre productivity to bring down per unit cost of produce.