Effaa over a period of time has developed various technologies to produce value added products from Banana. Effaa can help interested companies / individuals set up the following projects / industries based out of Banana right from concept to technology & machinery supply to commissioning. Given below are Banana based projects.

  • Banana slice in syrup
  • Dehydrated banana slice
  • Banana powder - to be used as food and in various food
  • processing industries
  • Banana beverages ( fruit drink )
  • Banana Jam
  • Banana Jelly
  • Banana Squash
  • Banana Wine
  • Banana Stem Candy
  • Banana Fibre - used for making handicrafts, home decoration items, door mats, table mats, pooja and meditation mats.
  • Banana paper - EFFAA can help set up small primary banana paper pulp units in all districts - This primary pulp can be further processed to make tissue paper, filter paper, paper bags, craft papers, greeting cards, wedding cards, carry bags, nursery pouches, art papers, decorative papers, bond papers, paper products like pen stands, table decorative, land shades etc.

Banana Fibre
  • Banana Textiles - Sarees, rugs, shirts etc from banana yarn
  • Banana figs / chips
  • Banana Pickle
  • Banana dry soup mix
  • Banana baby food
  • Banana heatlh drink
  • Banana beverages
  • Banana cake
  • Banana biscuits
  • Banana bags - a substitute for jute bags
  • Banana wafers
  • Banana beer
  • Banana activated carbon
  • Banana flour

Banana Jam
Banana Fibre Plate
Banana Beer

Banana Paper

Banana Chips
Banana Fibre Bag
Banana Biscuits