Protein Digest. (Partially Digested Organic Protein Concentrate)

It is partially digested mixed protein. The insoluble native proteins are converted into partially soluble proteins due to the active enzymes & thus the slurry obtained is soluble & insoluble protein fraction.  The soluble fraction comprises free amino acids, dipeptide, tripeptides & polypeptide. It is easily absorbed by the animal. The insoluble fraction contains non digested protein & partially digested cellulosic matter, which play important role in bowel movement in digestive system. It a source of organic nitrogen (true protein) in the form of essential amino acids or other nitrogenous compounds it is useful in weight gain normal functioning & milk production. Protein Digest is a mixture of various essential as well as non-essential amino acids, & short-chained peptides required for the normal growth of animals. Other modified products include


Effaa FEED Liquid / Powder for Poultry, Pigs, Livestock.

Effaa is one of the reputed exporters of hydrolyzed protein & amino acid chelated minerals in India. Our carefully processed protein hydrolysate derived from high quality protein, vegetable protein find use in poultry, pig, aquaculture nutrition.

Our unique biotechnological process, which has been developed by our R & D ensures optimum product properties.

B. S. E. /T. S. E. Free:- Our digested protein is processed using vegetable proteins & bacterial enzymes. Hence are completely free form BSE & TSE issues.

Effaa feed:- Digested protein liquid & powder:

  • Effaa feed vs 30 :-digested proteins liquid for animal,poultry, pigs, livestock
  • Effaa feed vs 55/60:- digested proteins 60% powder  for animal, poultry ,pigs, livestock
  • Effaa feed vs 80 :- digested proteins 80% powder  for animal,poultry, pigs,livestock
  • Effaa Bio life m80 :- enzyme hydrolyzed proteins 80% powder for animal, poultry, pigs, livestock

Effaa feed Advantages:-

  • Our digested proteins with proper combination of various protein sources, vegetable as well as animal, may lead to optimum results in terms of FCR, growth rate and meat quality
  • Excellent Source of Free amino acids, dipeptides & tripeptides
  • Effaa Feed Powders are Spry Dried & have excellent Solubility in water
  • High digestibility due to efficient elimination of anti nutritional factors
  • High content of amino acid protein
  • High biological value of protein, due to a well-balanced amino acid  composition
  • Stimulates the intake of concentrate in rearing
  • Trouble-free weaning
  • Excellent palatability
  • Counteracts diarrhoea
  • Better Feed Conversion ratio, Better Growth rate, Better meat quality
  • Uniform quality and extended shelf-life